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Multi Unit Development

Multi-unit developments are property development projects that include anything from 2 plus units or properties. For multiple unit construction, this usually involves acquisition and demolition of an existing property, on an adequate parcel of land. This now empty land is then developed with multiple houses or units constructed.

As a Growing Melbourne based development builder, QHB have the capacity to manage multi development projects of all sizes. Our hands-on approach ensures that every element of your project is managed with supreme attention to detail, regardless of the size of your project. From concept to completion, your Melbourne multi-unit development project will be managed and built to the highest possible quality by specialist builders.

Multi-unit development build projects in Melbourne pose specific planning requirements and design guidelines. Considerations such as land size, zoning, orientation, landscaping, car parking, pedestrian access, facilities and amenities all come into play. The result being the difference between building allowances for either townhouse, duplex, triplex or multiple units or apartments.

Our QHB team are approachable, experienced and dedicated to working with you as part of the team to bring your vision to life, and build the future you dream of. We’re committed to achieving the very best possible result, on time and on budget.